• Marrow Bone Dog Toy

Yuppie Puppy Marrow Chews Toy

Rs. 375.00

Marrow Chews are the only chewable nylon bone with Jerky Flavor Down the Middle! When the dog chews the MarrowChews, they will be enticed to lick and eat the edible jerky-flavored filling, however the bone itself is made of nylon. Nylon shavings act like a tooth brush and help remove tartar from the dog's teeth. Unlike traditional rawhide bones, these bones will last and are PERFECT for strong chewers!

Our Take: These are our Indian dog, Zoeys favourite toy! It provides for hours of chewing fun and if the nylon shavings are ingested the are naturally passed out from the system of the dog and are non toxic.

Available in four size :

Small : 4.5 Inch

Medium : 5.5 Inch

Large : 7.5 Inch

X-Large : 9.5 Inch