• Flexi Dog Leash

Flexi Neon Giant Tape

Rs. 7,500.00

Rs. 7,000.00

The world number 1 retractable lead is durable and gives your dog the freedom to move and still be on the leash. It has a long lead which always keeps you in control and with their integrated braking system you can always guide and command your dog. The brake button can be used instantly with your thumb and an additional stop function allows you to fix the flexi at a certain length.

The Flexi Neon retractable leash range, has an neon leash which gives an additional safety feature. With these reflective components and the neon colored cord or tape, the neon strengthens the visibility of dog owners. It comes with a durable casing with a chromed snap hook. Durable German quality comes with Flexi!!

Our Take: Flexi leads are synonymous with durability and good quality when it comes to retractable leads for dogs. They last long, are comfy for us to hold and the best thing is that your dog can’t chew it up that easy! The best lead for your dog starts and ends with a flexi!! Extra robust giant flexi lead with a comfy holding handle for XL dogs!

Size: Large

Tape 8 meter, Suitable for dogs upto 50 kgs