• Fiprofort Cat Flea & Tick Drop
  • Fiprofort Cat Flea & Tick Drop

Fiprofort Plus Spot On Treatment For Cats

Rs. 196.00

Fiprofort plus provides fast, effective and convenient treatment and control of fleas, ticks and chewing lice for cats over the age of 8 weeks. It prevents and controls re-infestations, kills all flea stages including in the pets surrounding area for up to 1 month, controls paralysis ticks for up to 2 weeks. Contains Fipronil and (S)  methoprene. Do no use on kittens below 8 weeks.

To Use: Wear gloves, snap the applicator and place the applicator tip through animals hair to the skin level between shoulder blades. Squeeze container, applying entire contents one or two spots on the skin. Avoid superficial application on dogs hair. After application let it dry off.

Our Take: Please ensure that the animals bedding and environment is also thoroughly vacuumed, washed and put out in the sunlight to avoid re -infestation.

Size: 1 pipette of 0.5 ml