• Bio Groom Dog Shampoo

Bio Groom Ultra Black Dog Shampoo

Rs. 995.00

This special formula contains pearlescent brighteners to intensify black, blue and other dark colored coats, creating sparkling accents and a rich lustrous sheen. This coconut oil based formula, fortified with Protein, gives life and body to the coat.

To Use: Wet the coat completely with water. Apply shampoo gently, work back to the tail. Lather well into coat. Avoid eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly and towel or blow dry.

Our Take: Bio Groom range for dogs are the products to swear by, they are used at our spa and we can safely say they clean, condition and add shine! What's really great is that this is super concentrated and can be diluted with up to 8 parts of water to one part shampoo so you do not end up using much!

Size: 355ml