Beco Pets Eco Friendly Dog Ball - Small

Rs. 525.00

Rs. 450.00

The Beco Ball is an environmental friendly dog toy suitable for all breeds of dog. Made from natural rubber and rice husk fibres, the Beco Ball is non-toxic, so you can rest assured that your dog won’t be chewing on any nasty chemicals. Natural rubber is also really strong so the Beco Ball and other rubber Beco Toys are much tougher than most toys on the market. It’s vanilla scented, and has a hole in it which is ideal for putting treats in, but also means it whistles when it’s thrown through the air. The wobbly shape of the Beco Ball also means it will bounce and roll randomly making the toy more fun and interactive! Available is three color : Blue, Green, Pink.

Size (Diameter) : Small : 5 cm