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Bark On Barkery Dog Cookies - Sultanas Garden Fresh Delight (Veg) - Small Dog Cookies

Rs. 499.00

Bark on Barkery makes the best doggie cookies using all natural ingredients without any added flavours or preservatives. These will have your best friends tail wagging in all directions. They have a special something for those who enjoy some good old veggie delights. Using fresh carrot bits that you can even see shining right on top to make sure it tantalizes not only your furry friends noses but our eyes as well. Bright orange with flakes of carrot, these treats are meant for our vegetarian friends. Full of flavour with some natural honey. They are baked till they are crispy to give your dogs teeth the exercise they need!

Ingredients: Carrot, honey, butter, milk powder, flour, water.

Storage: Place the cookies in a zip lock or an air tight container in the fridge. They have a shelf life of upto 6 weeks in when stored in a cool dry place in these conditions. They can also be frozen for upto 6 months in small batches and a batch can be thawed for 45 mins before serving.


Small : 500 gms

Large : 1 Kgs