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Bark On Barkery Cookies - Zulus Meaty Bites (Non - Veg) - Small Dog Cookies

Rs. 599.00

Bark on Barkery makes the best doggie cookies using all natural ingredients without any added flavours or preservatives. These will have your best friends tail wagging in all directions. For our meat eater friends who know what it is like to do some justice to their juicy cut, Bark On Barkery has Zulu’s Meaty Bites. It has the scent that fills the whole house and it has the health in the form of protein to help us fight off diseases, repair and recuperate from damage to our bodies and it is particularly spectacular for puppies who have some growing up to do. Zulu’s Meaty Bites are baked to a beautiful golden brown to give it some crunch and yet retain all the nutrients and flavour. It’s the perfect recipe to put your paws up to!

Ingredients: Meat dripping, egg, milk powder, garlic powder, honey, flour, water.

Storage: Place the cookies in a zip lock or an air tight container in the fridge. They have a shelf life of upto 6 weeks in when stored in a cool dry place in these conditions. They can also be frozen for upto 6 months in small batches and a batch can be thawed for 45 mins before serving.


Small : 500 Gms

Large : 1 Kgs