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We set up this online store to provide our valued customers all over India with a mix of products with awesome customer service and fast delivery. We strive to get our loyal customers - dogs and cats with new, innovative products to keep them happy, healthy & wagging!

Taking care of a pet is a full time job and it can often get overwhelming, feel to and we will be more than happy to offer you our professional advice. We are only a click away so with ease and when in doubt feel free to ask, we are here to guide you on what is best for your dog or cat.
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Sakshi & Sadhwi Sondhi

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The Red Paws Story
The Red Paws story started long ago when we got our first dog, a feisty black labrador which we named Red. Our NGO, Red Paws Rescue was started in 2010 to help our four legged friends on the streets of New Delhi.
We weren't ready for a 9 - 5 desk job and decided to dabble in the field of pet service and retail, we realised that there is a huge gap in the market for all things pet related and most importantly lack of correct information with pet owners.
Red Paws Pet Spa & Shop opened doors in 2012 where we to provide dog grooming, retail services and professional courses. In late 2016, another retail outlet was opened in Gurgaon where we offer a diverse mix of products for our customers.
Our ultimate aim remains to help our adoption, feeding, rescuing and sterilization programs for our not so fortunate but extremely loving Indian Dogs.

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Are You Wondering

Well Red was our Labrador that we both loved and she serves as our inspiration as she was the most loving and angelic soul. She passed away at the age of 13 and since then she has been looking over us and sending her blessings at every milestone.

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If you purchase from us your are supporting an ethical business, we do not sell any animals in our retails stores and focus on adoptions of desi dogs and cats. We try to help uplift the cause of animal welfare in India and by supporting us you are supporting our NGO Red Paws Rescue.