• IOD Dog Conditioner

Isle of Dog Lush Coat Conditioner

Rs. 1,494.00

Lush Coating Conditioner is a rejuvenating, protein-based conditioner. Evening Primrose and Jojoba oils combine with Keratin Amino Acids to help strengthen dry hair and lessen shedding. The results are a richer, fuller coat that is hydrated and fresh.

To Use: Wet the coat completely with water. After shampooing thoroughly, apply the conditioner on the coat and work back to the tail. Avoid eyes and ears. Let it sit for a while and then rinse thoroughly and towel or blow dry.

Our Take: Isle of Dog products smell amazing and the results will speak for themselves! The quantity of shampoo or conditioner needed for a dog is quite less hence it is total value for money. This product goes well with Isle of Dog Lush Coating Shampoo so buy this combination to attain a shiny and fluffy coat for your dog.

Size: 500ml