• Bio Groom Dog Spray

Bio Groom Coat Polish Spray On Sheen

Rs. 1,075.00

This product has been formulated specifically to give the coat a rich, healthy showing sheen, intensifies all colors and keeps dogs and cats groomed longer. Untangles matted hair and keeps it tangle free, lustrous and easy to groom. It's uniquely designed to repel dust and dirt and in preventing stains. The formula is non-oily, non-sticky, anti static and its safe to use with topical flea and tick treatments.

To Use: This can be used either on a dry or wet coat. So make sure your pet is sufficiently clean before applying coat polish if your applying it on your pets coat when it is dry. Then simply massage into the coat and brush as usual. For a wet application shampoo and condition as usual and remove excess water, spray coat polish and massage into coat. Blow or towel dry as usual

Our Take: This is an amazing product for any coat length, it adds shine and make the coat look healthy. A must have for any dog owner and especially useful for longer haired dogs that need more maintenance as it leaves the coat tangle free and helps with brushing out undercoat.

Size: 473ml