• Trixie Dog Collar
  • Trixie Dog Collar

Trixie Classic Collar - L - XL

Rs. 275.00

Classic cdollars from Trixie are fully adjustable and made from durable nylon to provide a comfortable fit for your dog. The collar is fastened and kept in place by a strong buckle and it can be adjusted to make it looser or tighter for your dogs neck. The collar has a strain relief mechanism as the lead ring is positioned at the end of the collar and the buckle closes through the ring which means the the pull from the lead is carried on the belt and not the buckle! It comes in three classic colours and three sizes for all dog breeds so please measure your dog's neck before you pick one for your loved one!

Size: Large - X-Large

Length: 16 - 26 inches

Width: 25 mm