Winter Is Here, Get The Essentials!

The weather is getting cold and all you want to do if snuggle with your dog and never wakeup for work! While we layer it up to keep ourselves warm our pets need some of their favourite things as well to keep them warm and toasty, below is a list of things that makeup our winter essential list for your pooch.

The comfiest snazzy bed

Dogs love their bed as much we do and they need a space to call their own where they feel safe and secure. The bed provides them with insulation, privacy , comfort and a spot where they can snuggle up in a ball and shed all the hair they want! To be honest our dogs are obsessed with their beds even in summers, so much so as when we give them treats their first instinct is to run to their individual beds , sit , enjoy and eat them so we often wonder where everyones dogs lounge in the summer!? There are a wide variety of beds in the market, waterproof, flat beds, sofa beds, orthopaedic beds for senior dogs in many colors, designs and more. Be sure to see what soft of sleeper your dog is before picking a bed, some of them don't like an enclosed space, some may find it hard to sit on a higher bed whereas some may just love the sofa bed. You can buy beds at any pet store or shop online for a wide choice of beds!

Coat or a fancy winter jacket

Personally our dogs never wear coats as they don't really need them as they are indoors most of the times and Zoey hates having anything restricting on her while she sleeps. Saying that as there is a drop in the mercury we get heaps of customers coming in to buy coats and jackets for their dogs! Be sure to pick a coat that is made from natural materials and those that don't get stuck in their nails! And please pretty please just don't put the coat on in November and take it off in January! Thats the worst thing that most pet owners do, its leads to a festering of dry skin, dander, fleas below on the skin. Please remove the coat on a daily basis , air it, sun it, brush your dogs and then put the coat back on. If you have a longer haired dog, leaving a coat on for prolonged periods of time lead to matts and undercoat which s super unhealthy for your dog.

Some Paw Cream for those cracked paws

The cold gives the pooches cracked paws as its very dry in the air, try some paw cream to soothe cracked paws that can help moisturise and repair cracked paws. There some great natural ones available online at our store or as an alternative you can take some high quality olive or coconut oil and simply rub them on your dogs paw pads.

Dietary Supplements

It would be advisable to add a natural dietary coat supplement to your dogs diet to keep their hair and skin healthy in the winter. Any supplements such as capsules or oil containing omega 3 fatty acids such as high quality fish oil or krill oil should be a good additional for the winter and will help with the skin, coat and joints for your dog. I asked a good friend and Canine Nutritionist Rashee Kuchroo from Doggie Dabbas for her inputs and she recommends that “ For winter you should actually increase fat a little bit & water intake since dogs tend to drink less water, increasing the food is also a good idea cause they tend to burn more calories. Rashee’s pro tip for winters is to add a supplement like Chia seeds, soak it in water so it absorbs water and pour over your dogs food as a way to get them to drink more water.

You can try the Mybeau Health Supplement or the Beaphar Salmon Oil both available easily in stores or online!

Conditioning Sprays

Even we don't feel like heading for the dreaded shower in the winters so if you are not giving your dog a bath so often at home you can try some sprays to keep them smelling fresh in the winter. These days there are lots of spray and brush products that you can use on your short and long haired dogs that helps to repel dirt, add sheen and lustre, keep the hair conditioned, prevents tangles and keeps the doggies smelling fresh by neutralising odours, our picks would be the Bio Groom Coat Polish. Alternatively you can take them to a professional run grooming salon so that your dog doesn't catch the chill such as Red Paws Pet Spa in New Delhi where these treatments are also available.

Make sure to keep your doggos warm and snuggly this winter!

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