Best Dog Toy

Every dog get so excited when they get a brand new toy and we want that day to be everyday! Have a look at our top five toys your dogs will love and must have in their toy box.

Classic Kong Toy


dog chew toyThis toy is definitely a must have for all dogs and has been around for years, we remember buying it for our very first dog Red. Its made from all natural red rubber and is ultra durable with an erratic bounce and whats best is that you can stuff it with lots of fun treats to challenge the dog and keep them busy. The kong comes in sizes from XS – XL and theres special ones for puppies and senior dogs as well, if your dog is a power chewer they have a Kong Extreme variety as well which the dogs wont be able to destroy. You can stuff the kong with delicious healthy recipes which will help keep your dog busy for hours. 



Beco Pets Eco Friendly Ball

dog ball toyEvery dog needs a ball toy, they are great to play fetch and to chew and keep the dog engaged. One of our favourite ball toys is the Beco Pets Ball, this comes in three sizes – S, M, L and in three colors to suit all breeds and choices. It is made from rick husk rubber, its vanilla scented and is non toxic! The wobbly shape makes it bounce erratically and the hole in the middle allows you to put in treats that come out as the dog plays with it, lots of recipes are available. Our dog Zoey has not yet been able to destroy it or chew it apart and she's a strong chewer so its durable and long lasting!






Marrow Chews

dog bone toyEvery dog needs a bone! The marrow bone dog toy provides the perfect bone to chew on, it is made from non toxic nylon and has jerky flavour right down the middle. It is really good to get the dogs chewing which in turn helps with tartar control! Mostly recommended for dogs who love to chew, as they chew they lick the tasty marrow that comes out which keep them going for hours! It comes in many different sizes from S – XL, our dog zoey has about 4 of these and she chews on it everyday when she is super excited! Be sure the get the correct size for your dog with these alternatives to traditional raw hide bones.




Trixie Mot Long

rope toy dogDeveloped by professional dog trainer from Germany - Dr Ekard Lind this motivational toy made by Trixie is great for bodily games. It comes in two sizes and is great to engage in tug with your dog and for fetch, dogs love to chew , toss and flip the toy as well. It is a dog rope toy as well as great for chewing and it made up of natural rubber. It has great reviews from pet owners around the world and our very own desis love it too!




Petstages Newhide Chew Dog Toy

new hide dog boneNewHide is a dog chew alternative to replace your traditional rawhide bone. It has none of the uncertain swelling properties of rawhide, and has all of the taste of rawhide that they love keeping them busy and us happy. Dogs love to chew- that’s why the Petstages team worked with veterinarians and pet parents to develop a dog chew solution to rawhide that is lead and phthalate free and still tastes great. Each dog is different, and when it came to sizing the NewHide dog chew, they thought of every puppy! NewHide is great for little mouths and big biters with various satisfying sizes to choose from.


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