Pet Care and Tips

Winter Care

  • Senior Dog Care

    Senior dogs need more love and care as they age and in this blog post we have listed few tips to help you take care of your senior dog to make sure they live longer and happier. The size of the dog determines what age they become senior, larger dogs age faster but on average a dog become senior between 7 - 10 years.

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    • Winter Is Here, Get The Essentials!

      The weather is getting cold and all you want to do if snuggle with your dog and never wakeup for work! While we layer it up to keep ourselves warm our pets need some of their favourite things as well to keep them warm and toasty, below is a list of things that makeup our winter essential list for your pooch. View Post
    • Winter Care for Strays

      The temperature is dipping and as we wrote our last article on winter essentials for your dog, we felt a need to write a short post on how to take care of stray dogs and cats living outside on the harsh streets. View Post