Pet Care and Tips

Summer Care

  • Senior Dog Care

    Senior dogs need more love and care as they age and in this blog post we have listed few tips to help you take care of your senior dog to make sure they live longer and happier. The size of the dog determines what age they become senior, larger dogs age faster but on average a dog become senior between 7 - 10 years.

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    • Keeping Street Dogs Cool This Summer

      Mercury is soaring and while we all can survive it staying indoors our furry friends on the streets are having a miserable time. You can make their summer better by helping them cool down with a few simple ideas.

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    • Easy Recipe for Homemade Dog Pup Pops

      Our dogs feel the summer heat too and need something to help cool them! Our girls Phoebex and Zoey were not having a good time in the Delhi heat so we decided to help cool them off with these easy and tasty Pup Pops! These bites of heaven are super easy to make and are a healthy as well.

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