Shaving your Short Haired Dog! Yes or No?

Sigh! We decided to write this as summers are here and bulk of the calls we receive include the ones below:

"mujhe labra ki cutting karini hai"   - I want to get my labrador for a hair cut

"aap pug ka haaircut karte hai" - Do you cut a  pugs  hair

"mujhe st bernard (pronunced st beeeernard) ke bal katne hai , usko bahut garmi lagte hai - I want to cut my St bernards hair as he feels very hot. (We know its 43 degrees out there, were sweating too)

"mere labra ke bal bahut shedz karte hai : My labrador sheds allot?

We try to explain these dog owners the reason for not cutting their hair as we feel its totally wrong and leads to more skin infections, skin issues, bug bites and skin cancer through exposure though the sun for these dogs.


WHYYY! do people do it, few of them we come across just seem to have the wrong information and feel that cutting off hair will keep the hair and heat away! Yes the intention are correct as they do care for their dogs but our jobs as groomers is not to fleece people and take their money (because we totally can make more money if we take labradors haircuts ) but to provide them with our opinions so they can make an informed choice. Its SIMPLE: dogs do not sweat like people do to cool themselves, they pant and they coat does not effect their ability to pant


Few of them when we try to give them our professional advice just don't listen and are super rude and cut the phone! Fair enough if you think you know better and if you think it suits your dog. But after we researched online and having 3 short haired dogs ourselves our strong opinion is totally against cutting of hair in these breeds. It is basically not required and your making it worse for the dog than better. Few vets and few grooming places in Delhi do not even give the pet owners the correct information and simply tell them to shave it off as obviously they make more money. It is very frustrating as vets and groomers should act in the best interest of the dogs but surprise they DONT! (money is obviously what makes the words go around)


Reasons why people want to shave them off:




HOW DOES HAIR HELP THEM: -Protects them from the heat by acting as a natural insulator (both from harsh cold and heat) -Protects from the the harsh rays of the sun so more sunburns (would you go to the beach without sunblock) -Protects them from bug bites, dirt, debris & other natural elements -They are more prone to skin cancer, heat exhaustion -If you cut off the hair the shedding won't stop but they will just shed sharper, smaller hair


Breeds in which it is not required to cut off hair at all according to us:





-Dalmatians & other shorter haired coats


Breeds in which we recommend for the summer you have to get a good -UNDERCOAT REMOVAL/DE-SHEDDING treatment and possibly a slight trim on the back (hocks), under the belly (belly patch -so that when they sit on the floor they organs can cool down faster), under the neck and basically just to neaten them up and make their visual appearance tighter.


-German Shepherds

-Golden Retrievers

-Huskies (can do with only a good de-shedding treatment)

-St Bernards & more


In the above dogs what needs to be done is that the undercoat needs to be removed, this dead hair is trapped under and makes them feel hotter. Please do your research before you take such a step and don't hate us for speaking the truth!


Still need proof READ THIS and make an informed choice before heading to the groomers, we are here to help your dogs!

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