Getting Rid of those Pesky Ticks & Fleas!

The summer season brings with it lots of problems for dog owners, the dogs are often susceptible to skin issues, over heating, digestive problems and lots and lots of ticks and fleas. The most common issue plaguing most owners is how to eradicate ticks and fleas and this is often also the most asked question they have when they come into our spa with their dogs.

So what can you do to keep ticks and fleas away and how do you treat your dog once you find ticks and fleas on them?

Fleas and ticks are naturally present in any outdoor environment - outdoor gardens, vets, other dogs and cats etc so naturally it is quite difficult to keep your dog safe all the time especially if they like to run around the garden and waddle in mud!

Here are few anti tick and flea products available that you can bring home to make sure your dogs remain clear of these pesky parasites!

  • Try Flea & Tick Collar which are often quite effective in repelling ticks and fleas. They come in different sizes depending on the size of your dog. They will be available at a fully stocked pet shop or online on our website here.
  • Try Spot on Treatment which uses a chemical bases liquid formula that you have to apply on your dogs spine. It is available by various companies but the one we recommend is Fiprofort Tick Drops. These are available for dogs and cats and in different variants depending on the weight of your dog. Will be available at a fully stocked pet store or online on our website here.
  • The Tickless ultrasonic tick and flea repellant is also a product available in the market which can easily clip onto your dogs collar and help prevent them from getting infested.
  • Now if your dog or cat already has got ticks or fleas you can give them a bath with an anti tick shampoo. There are a few different companies making these but our recommendations for an all natural shampoo is the Tropiclean Natural Anti Tick ShampooIf your looking for something stronger then you can use Bolfo Anti Tick Shampoo, but do remember that this has chemicals so don't let you dog lick it!
Here are few natural preventive measures you can take in order to make sure your dogs don't get any :
  • Try and spray 1 part apple cider vinegar mixed with 2 parts water on your dogs bedding and on their coat to repel ticks.
  • Keep the bedding and the area where your dog resides clean, vacuumed and regularly mopped.
  • Groom your dog regularly as this will give your groomers a chance to keep your dog clean and tick free, they can use a tick shampoo that can help kill the tick and fleas.
  • Regularly check your dog to see if you can sight any unwanted friends in their coat, in between their paws and even inside their ears.

Remember it would be most ideal to try and go with natural therapies before as they are safer and then opt for the other chemical treatments when in case the infestation does not go away. Do follow the steps mentioned above for your dog and your home as if even one tick or flea is left behind they will find a way to get back onto your dog! 

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