Why are we 'Red' Paws?

We are often ask why we are called Red Paws so it only makes sense to explain the rationale behind naming ourselves Red Paws.

Labrador Puppy

Red was the name of our first dog that we got to keep, she came from the litter from our cousins dog and she was a naughty little black labrador puppy. She jumped incessantly on guests, slyly stole food, ran around the garden chewing up the plants and walked us to our bus stop and got super excited when we came back from school! 



When we had her it made us realise that these animals only look to give love and then some! She had made friends with all the desi dogs outside our house - Julie, Joey and Sparkles and it is how we started caring for the dogs outside our home. The female dog who we named Julie, kept having puppies who often died we did some research and then got them all spayed, a concept which was so new to us. It is then we realised we could maybe raise some awareness for adoption, spay neuter and feeding for these dogs that live on the road.



"When we had her it made us realise that these animals only look to give love and then some! "


It started by posting for adoptions on a small blog ,connecting like minded people, forwarding emails for various appeals and gathering small food and money donations. Soon after in 2010 - Red Paws Rescue was registered as an NGO named after Red! It only made sense as we were searching for the perfect name for days and it was a eureka moment where it just made total sense. We both then went to college, came back and started a business for grooming and retailing - again called Red Paws Pet Spa and Shop.

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Its been no looking back since then we have had our first big major event for our NGO to raise funds in 2017 named - Red Paws Day Out which was a raging success and we’ve gone on to open another store for our grooming and retail! 

Its now been about 8 years and its amazing to meet some very great people who have supported our business and NGO, we manage to get about 40 - 50  dogs spayed per month, feed about 100 - 150 dogs, help injured dogs and post adoption appeals. Through our retail outlets we really try to educate people on the correct grooming practices, eating, training, behaviour and more though all the knowledge we have acquired over the years through our experience. 

Much Love,

- Sakshi & Sadhwi Sondhi

Founders, Red Paws.




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