Looking for Dog Trainers in Delhi/NCR?

Many owners feel that training is not an important part of raising their dog and often overlook this vital part that often leads to behavioural issues later on in the dogs life. We meet about 10 - 15 dogs daily because of our work and we have seen a range of issues that that the dog owners face with their pets. Our advice if often that “the human has to be trained, not the dog”, many small gestures that we often do unknowingly makes our dog think differently.

Training your dog is a very important aspect of raising a well rounded dog that is happy, obedient and occasionally naughty!

There are lots of dog trainers who only focus on commands such as sit, sleep, roll over, but it is also very important to understand our actions and train the dog to avoid any behavioural issues. Very important also to note is that you cant just get a trainer and ask them to do all the work, the dog owners have to be involved themselves and learn so that is creates a bond between the dog and owners and helps you understand how your dog thinks and acts around you.

Have a look at the list of three trainers and behaviourist in Delhi whom we personally have worked with and have seem them at work so we can vouch for their experience and professionalism.

  • Namratha Rao - Pawsitive Tales Namratha is trained from Shirin Merchant and has lots of hand on experience to help dog owners, she herself is an avid dog lover and often hosts socialising events for dogs and their owners in New Delhi.
  • Aaron D’silva - Canine Behaviourist & Animal Communicator Aaron D’silva is a canine behaviorist and an animal communicator . His major aim is to help pet parents understand dog behaviour and train them. We have often spoken to him for lots of our Indian Dogs that have had problems in their homes in the past and he has been very good with the dogs and the advice that he gives to help pet parents.
  • Adnan Khan - K9 School The K9 School is founded by Adnan Khan ,his team is professional and the space he has created has a dog pool, boarding and it is where he hosts obedience, protection training and may other workshops for dogs and their owners.

For those of you in New Delhi in December you can join our Charity Fundraiser for our NGO where Jason Shute will be conducting a workshop on how to raise a well balanced dog. Jason is certified master dog trainer and dog behavior specialist and has trained scent detection dogs and rehabilitated abused dogs for adopting. 100% funds raised from this event goes towards our charity Red Paws Rescue's efforts in helping animals on the streets!

For tickets and more information: How To Raise A Well Balanced Dog by Jason Shute

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