Keeping Street Dogs Cool This Summer

Mercury is soaring and while we all can survive it staying indoors our furry friends on the streets are having a miserable time. You can make their summer better by helping them cool down with a few simple ideas. We have used these easy ideas for our outdoor dogs over the years and even though it doesn't make the heat go away they can atleast tolerate it till its gone.

Few Ideas to Make Summers in India better for the Street Dogs 

  • Place a water bowls
We can not stress on this enough when we say place water bowls everywhere and anywhere you can. Not only will your outside dogs benefit from it other animals will also come by and it can keep save lives. We use clay bowls as they keep the water much much cooler than say metal bowls and they are also inexpensive so you won't be annoyed incase it gets lost.
  • Makeshift cooling mat
Cooling mats are available in the market but they will burn a hole in your pocket specially if your going to leave it outside where someone can easily steal it. We have an idea to help give our street dogs an inexpensive cooling mat. Its easy - take a gunny bag, dip it in water, squeeze the excess and place it as the cooling mat for the dogs outside. You will have to do this a couple of times a day but it will definitely help them.
  • Help keep them hydrated 
Its very important to keep them hydrated and the easiest way to do that is by giving them a mixture of 1 part plain yogurt mixed with 3 parts water. They all love it and it provides them with the necessary probiotics as well as water for hydration.
  • Cool them down
If the dogs trust you enough then you can also place a wet cloth/towel on them which can help them cool down. But remember to place them specially in the underarm/belly/groin areas as those are the areas where they need the most cooling.
  • Cool the area where they live
If you can control the area where the dogs live outdoors you can also provide them with some shade by placing a tarp as a roof so they can stay away from direct sunlight. Incase that is not possible you can simple sprinkle some water in the area where the dog sleeps so it gets slightly cooler for them to lay on.


We hope they few ideas can help make the lives of your street friends better this summer! Incase you have any questions/comments we are happy to hear from you.


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